#Mesh360 Exploring WondaVR

One way of creating and sharing authentic health education scenarios that the #Mesh360 team have been exploring is using the interactive 360 video App development tool WondaVR

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Thanks @drivercook @hdaveblog and @stephenaiello for the source material 🙂
I’m sure your WondaVR ‘Apps’ will be much better than my first attempt!
The ability to share WondaVR content via a deep link or QR Code makes it a much more viable option than it was in 2016 where content sharing was a much more manual package sync.

#Mesh360 brainstorming Interdisciplinary Health HUB with @aiello_stephen

All good ideas start as sketches on bar napkins – this one comes courteously of a discussion with @aiello_stephen brainstorming how to create an Interdisciplinary Health HUB – a showcase of what each of the 7 health disciplines do at AUT. We thought a custom install of WordPress would enable us to develop the HUB as a shared repository of resources from each of the 7 disciplines and linking to online scenarios such as the VR scenarios developed by Paramedicine, Physio and Nursing so far:

Below is the initial brainstorm diagram – I’ll leave it to @stephenaiello to interpret his writing 🙂