#Mesh360 Exploring WondaVR

One way of creating and sharing authentic health education scenarios that the #Mesh360 team have been exploring is using the interactive 360 video App development tool WondaVR

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Thanks @drivercook @hdaveblog and @stephenaiello for the source material 🙂
I’m sure your WondaVR ‘Apps’ will be much better than my first attempt!
The ability to share WondaVR content via a deep link or QR Code makes it a much more viable option than it was in 2016 where content sharing was a much more manual package sync.

#meshvr Interprofessional Simulation

Here is my take on how nursing could work in our interprofessional scenario.  Thoughts everyone.


It would be nice to not need the patient and parent appearing individually in all places and somehow showing flow.

With reflection, I am thinking that we need to include group and individual reflection.  What tools do Physio and Paramedicine use @toddstretton @drivercook @stephenaiello?