#Mesh360 extends to inter-professional healthVR

Initially the project explored VR in Paramedicine Education – now we have extended the project to interface interprofossional health teams: Paramedicine, Nursing, and Physiotherapy. We are now exploring a conceptual framework to create virtual educational environments that simulate collaborative health team experiences. Building on our work of developing virtual environments for authentic Paramedicine education scenarios, we are extending the concept across the seven health disciplines at the university, beginning initially with a prototype involving three health discipline teams: Paramedicine, Nursing, and Physiotherapy. Using a design based research methodology we are developing prototypes of immersive simulated environments to simulate the real-world interaction between these three health teams for our students. We leverage a low cost mobile BYOD approach enabling rapid prototyping and development of these scenarios.

Prototype scenarios of each of the three clinical steps in patient care have been developed using Seekbeak to create mobile BYOD immersive virtual environments for the three student discipline groups to explore and experience the health teams with whom they will collaborate in real world situations.

We welcome @toddstretton and @Srgurr to the #Mesh360 project


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